Report Writing, Dashboards & Report System Setup

  • Report Writing, Dashboards & Report System Setup

    Report Writing & Setup

    Do you have an application or database that needs Custom Reports or Dashboards? Do you need a Reporting System setup?

    We can write reports for your application and/or help setup a reporting system if necessary. We take your requirements and build reports according to your needs and specifications. If there is not a reporting system in place, we can integrate with your application and set one up. We can even host a reporting solution in the cloud if necessary.

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  • Database Development & Integration

    Database Development & Integration

    We can Integrate / Connect multiple applications and databases together to provide one central reporting solution.

    Does your company have an Accounting system or other applications that need to be integrated together? We can link different applications together so that there is one centralized reporting solution as well as eliminate double entry.

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  • Report Application Integration & Custom Software

    Database Development & Integration

    Do you need custom software or applications? Do you need a reporting solution integrated with an existing application?

    We can build custom applications that collect and manage your data. Also, if you have an existing application that needs a reporting solution, let us help.

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  • SharePoint


    Do you need SharePoint help?

    We can help with implementing SharePoint as well as customizing and building custom applications and reporting solutions with SharePoint.

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