Reports – Dashboards – Data – Analysis

Applications are only as good as the data you can get out of them.  There is some type of reporting in every application or ERP and for one reason or another, there is the need to have custom reports and dashboards.  Let ReportingGuru unlock your data.

ReportGuru sets up the architecture, develops reports, builds dashboards, ..etc.  Why hire full time when ReportingGuru can be used as needed at a fraction of the cost?  A full time employee will cost money whether they are producing reports or not.  ReportingGuru only charges when we are working on your reports making us a very cost effective solution.

All our Report Developers are located in the U.S. and communicate very well.  Report building is an iterative process, so we may need to pick up the phone and talk through specific calculations.

Let us setup the architecture, write the complex queries, build the reports, and work with your team to deliver reports that meet specifications. – 1-800-921-4759

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