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These days, many businesses get a lot of support from business software platforms. These apps and ERPs give them the power to manage data effectively and run their operations more efficiently. Many of these applications and Enterprise Resource Programs also help them to plan for the future. However, creating custom reports for these software platforms is often a complicated task.

If you want accurate reports which are produced according to your exact specifications, for the most competitive prices, the smartest option is to outsource the task of custom report creation to our team. We are experts in custom report creation for so many popular forms of business software, from Excel to SSRS to Crystal to BIRT to Tableau to Jasper and beyond...

You Need the Right Reports

Your apps and ERPs won't deliver premium value unless they are giving you access to the data that you need. This data is essential in terms of managing a company and steering it forward.

At ReportingGuru, we understand how to extract data from a host of software and apps, as well as other forms of data management systems. We're Report and Dashboard creation experts and we're here to help you access the most appropriate and important metrics/KPIs.

When you reach out to us today, we'll talk with you, get a clear sense of what you need and then come up with a practical solution. Our report creation experts are tech wizards who have years of experience creating custom reports for our clients. They know how to work quickly, with a mind to keeping your costs low, but they never cut corners. As well, they offer service with very fast turnaround times.

We are standing by to provide the most cost-effective custom reports. Just contact us today in order to get the ball rolling!


We're So Easy to Work With

We're here to make your life easier. This means that we'll tailor our services to your particular circumstances. For example, you don't need an existing reporting system. If you have one, that's great, but we'll be happy to look at your needs and then design a system which is suitable. As well, we may recommend software platforms, but we'll never try to sell them to you.

We actually know some programs which are free. We're happy to share all of the knowledge and wisdom that we've gathered through the years with you and your team.

We specialize in report writing and database development and integration. We know how to extract information from every popular program out there. We're also able to develop or integrate databases, with a mind to helping out clients reduce workloads at their workplaces.

For example, if you currently have staff members entering the same information in different databases, you're wasting valuable time and money. When we create a database for you or perform software integration, your team members will only need to add information once!

All of our services are designed to lower your operating costs. When you use our company on an as-needed basis, you won't need to hire a full-time report developer to work at your place of business. Instead, you'll be able to get reports and related services when you need them and just pay as you go! It'll be way cheaper and you'll get reports which are custom and which are created by report developers who know everything about your particular software platform.


Talk To An Expert Today

As you can see, there's no downside to hiring our company. You'll get your reports and other services that you want, such as database integration, and you'll pay less than you would if you had the same tasks performed by a full-time staff member at your workplace.

As well, you'll access expertise from our team, as well as great communication.

We know that report creation is an iterative process and this is why our team members go out of their way to build strong bonds with clients. They talk and share information with them regularly, in a streamlined and efficient way.

To discuss your needs with us, just call or email (or fill out our convenient online form, on the right side of this Web page) in order to access caring advice from app and ERP report experts. We look forward to showing you just how affordable and accurate our reports and related services really are!

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